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It's hard to stay on top of all the latest news from Microsoft for SharePoint Developers. There are so many resources out there, wouldn't it be nice for someone else to curate the news and what's coming? Look no further!

This month I've started a FREE webinar series from Voitanos. Topics will range from news updates, feature reviews, interviews related to SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure development. These webinars will be different in that they will only be 30 minutes long... short and to the point!

The first installment addresses just this very issue. In this webinar, I covered the latest updates, news, what's coming with the SharePoint Framework for developers and more in the SharePoint Framework State of the Union - January 2018! If you missed it you can watch the recording over on the Voitanos blog here: Recorded Webinar: SharePoint Framework State of the Union - January 2018

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